But you do not get bored ?

This is not a question that people ask me often but regularly! »Do you spend your days with your children? And you do not get bored?  »

So I’ll do a little clarification for those who are wondering!

My days are a panel of colorful moments and tinged with a thousand and one ways.

My daily moments are stimulating, rewarding, harmonious, cuddly, dazzling, funny, sweet, tasty, intellectual, artistic, human, exciting, generous, and filled with love.

My daily moments are overflowing, stressful, impatient, intrusive, tiring, noisy, moving, angry, and full of love.

The moment of a day is not representative of the day. It consists of extraordinary moments, others quieter, and others difficult. Because a human, whether adult or child lives a multitude of emotions that he learns to recognize, communicate and manage, he is constantly adapting to his environment and to what he lives in his heart. inside.

My daily life is never monotonous because it is not just folding clothes and cooking, because it is not poor or dreary. My days are filled with cultural, sporting and social outings through which I meet inspiring and profoundly wonderful people.

My days are the daily learning that I do with my children about human relationships and all the subjects that they want to discover that I do not know. I walk in their company on paths of discovery and I learn about everything. Yes I am intellectually stimulated! I read, I discover, I try, I am wrong, I share with them, I pass on my knowledge to them and they transmit to me their learning and their interests with great joy. We move together … we never stagnate!

I live in a living house, where intellectual curiosity emerges alone. I live in a house where laughter breaks out and where sorrows express themselves. I live in a house where each of us exploits his strengths and challenges at his own pace. I live in a house where love overflows through cuddles, caresses, kisses, looks and little words slipped gently into the hollow of the ear. I live in a house where anger arises and where the power of words makes sense. I live in a house where family complicity is a great success.

I do not educate my children. I accompany them and they guide me. Nothing is more difficult for me than having the courage to look at myself and change. Our children are the mirrors of our souls and I sometimes try awkwardly but always with great love to break the patterns that constitute me to rebuild solidly in the benevolence and the respect of myself.

I am a woman with a past, a present and a future. I am in perpetual motion, constantly learning about many topics. My family is my base on which I built and I develop a bouquet of light that will spring on future generations. I work for the future, to make this generation of adults strong and confident, happy and caring, healthy and healthy … the task ahead is much heavier than the one I am currently carrying.

When you feel born in a world that does not fit you, it’s because you came to create a new one!  »

So tell me now how could I be bored?


« Impose your luck, squeeze your happiness and go to your risk. To look at you they will get used. René Char.


Thanks to Estelle Richard who generously offered this english version of : Mais tu ne t’ennuies pas ?

Merci à Estelle Richard pour ce bel élan spontané de générosité en m’offrant cette traduction de la version française : Mais tu ne t’ennuies pas ?


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